Nose Surgeries


  • Nose Surgeries
  • ABSCESS OF DANGEROUS AREA OF FACEA- The dangerous triangle of the face consists of the area from the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose, including the nose and maxilla.Due to the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, it is possible (although very rare) for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain. This picture depicts a pustule at the nostril. Diabetics are more prone to get this infection. Self inflicted trauma of nose such as nose picking cause infection of hair follicle with severe pain.
  • SEPTAL ABSCESS- This picture depicts a nose with a swelling of the middle partition or septum due to an abscess. Nasal obstruction is the most common presenting symptom seen with septal abscess. Others include nose pain, general malaise, fever, headache, and tenderness over the nose. The presenting symptoms depend on the cause.

    This picture shows midline septum of the nose when the nasal lining is removed. There is both bone and cartilage in it. Blue colour represents cartilage.

    Nasal septum is not always in the centre. When it is grossly deviated to one side, there is nasal  block and snoring. This deviation is usually due to fracture of bone or cartilage following trauma.


    This pictures shows  the interior of the side wall of the  nose. There are three bony projections called turbinates,at three levels. The uppermost one is the smallest.   They are full of blood vessels which are sensitive to weather changes and hormone changes.The turbinates help  to warm inspired air and add water vapour before it reaches  the lungs.  


  • coronal_ct_scan_eyes_conchae.jpg- This picture depicts a CT scan image of paranasal sinuses with collection of pus in the sinuses on the left side. Sinusitis The sinuses are air filled cavities located in the bones of the face. The sinuses are divided into groups based on their location and are named maxillary, ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid sinuses. Sinusitis is inflammation or infection of one or more of the sinuses.
  • Correction of Nasal Deformities